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I recently visited another blog, Soulsby Farm – A Very Small Farm. I read a very interesting article regarding GMO, genetically modified organisms. I have reblogged the article to spread the word. So after reading please continue to inform others. Unless that is you have no objection to your food being re-engineered. If Agent Orange and pesticides can alter our DNA and also harm fetuses than just imagine what ingesting DNA modified foods can do. All in the corporate name of the mighty dollar. We are all supposed to take care of the body that God gave us. We need to stand up for ourselves and our future generations and teach our children whats acceptable and not acceptable to eat. Reduce TV time, make a garden even if it’s in a flower pot. Get back to basics. Realize the amount of brainwashing on TV, radio, media ads etc. Eventually I will set up another blog about being aware of what’s around us but in the meantime read the article, it is enlightening. Thank you Soulsby Farm for  sharing.

The Truth About Genetically Modified Organisms – GMO’s

I’m very proud to introduce a Guest Blogger writing an important/must-read piece concerning GMO’s. It’s a fantastic article that could also be titled; Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about GMO’s. Please share with others and leave your comments and questions below, Chris will answer them…..Take it away Mr. Vogliano:
My name is Chris Vogliano and I am currently studying nutrition and dietetics atKent State University in their Master’s Program.  I am conducting my thesis study on the topic of Genetically Modified Organisms related to Dietitian’s knowledge and perception of them.  According to previous research, the public trusts dietitian’s to relay current and scientific information on this controversial topic.  However, as I hope to prove in my research, there is a significant knowledge gap in the perception of what dietitian’s know versus the knowledge they actually hold.
I chose this topic because genetically modified foods is personal and strikes an emotional cord.  Ever since discovering the topic, I have unveiled more and more unsettling information about this complicated and controversial process.
Most of American’s have no idea what genetically modified foods are, even though over 80% of our supermarket foods contain them.  Many American’s believe that simple crossbreeding is the same or at least a similar process to that of genetic modification.  Some American’s place trust in the “assumed” strict regulatory processes of the FDAUSDA, andEPA.
Politics plays a much more pertinent role in our lives than anyone wants or cares to believe, and I adamantly feel this with GMO’s…
The patenting of a transgenic soybean in the early 1990’s has had more of an impact than we would have ever imagined. We have seen a revolutionary agricultural shift in the way we grow our produce form even twenty years ago.  Many see this synergy of biotechnology and agriculture as a positive step towards our goal of creating a more economically sound production method for our food.  Big agriculture business has consolidated hands over the years to just a few large corporations, leading with the illusion of solving world hunger and bridging the world’s nutritional deficits.  As a soon to be dietitian who heavily values nutritional philanthropy, I could not have been more eager to learn more about this technology that could potentially curb our world hunger problems.
Let’s take a step back and look at the role of corporations in our society.
While we all vary on our opinions of specific corporations, deeming some as good and some evil, we have to remember one simple fact.  Through all the humanitarian efforts some might drape over their figurative bodies to display a positive PR image, corporations have one goal and one goal only.
The primary goal of a corporation is to increase profits for its shareholders. Plain and simple.
While some corporations may choose donations and community building tactics to seem selfless, at the end of the day it is simply to make you feel better about being a customer of their product.  This is not to demean the great things some corporations have done, but to call it an altruistic act is not so valid (arguably, is anything actually selfless? a question better saved for your philosophy 101 class).
Back to the grit of GMO’s – The basics of genetically modifying organisms is as follows:
A desired gene from a species not related to the host organisms is transferred into the cultivar or desired product (while sounding simple, this is actually quite a complex process).  The interesting part is that we don’t know how this transgenic, or crossing DNA from one foreign species to another affects humans or the environment.  This technology was developed and implemented into our food supply less than 15 years ago.
Monsanto is the largest corporate sponsor of GMO’s, fighting for their governmental acceptance worldwide ever since their creation.  A quick lesson on Monsanto’s history:
One of the first products Monsanto created was the artificial sweetener saccharin, which we now know can cause cancer
The next major products were DDT, Lasso, and Agent Orange, which we now know are highly carcinogenic.
Now they are trying to sell the idea of “genetically modified seeds” to us as being healthy and safe, when in all reality they are a self regulating organization whose primary interest is not the health of the consumers, but the money in their pocket.
European countries have strict regulatory standards and most countries have stopped the production of GMO’s until further testing has taken place.  Those countries who do have GMO corn must blatantly label their products with the phrase “this product contains genetically modified ingredients”, which protects the integrity of the food supply and the safety of the consumers.
GMO seeds have NEVER been tested in human trials to determine the impact they have on our bodies.
60% of our DNA is identical to that of corn and soy, and we have no idea how this transgenic process of altering genes in our food will affect us in the short term or the long term.
The only test currently being done to determine the safety of these products is happening right now, in our grocery stores.
As American’s, we deserve the right to know what is in our food. There is a serious need for us to take action on this issue that will help define the future of the agricultural food chain. We need the health of our food to lean in our favor, and not that of large corporate interest.
While there has been unethical practices that have been slipped passed the American consumers unbeknownst to them in the past decade, there has never been a more opportune moment to express out opinion than now.  More than ever, people are forming organizations and events to express their desire to have genetically modified foods labeled.  It is out food supply and we deserve the right to know what we are consuming.
think. be educated.
For more information or to get involved (highly encouraged!) visit:
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I just visited another great blog, The Maya  Guesthouse Project. They are making a guesthouse from straw bales. Reusing the heat generated to make hot water. Go to the blog site and see for yourself. I’m going to have to start a new category for the eco-friendly items I come across. I can’t wait to share all these new places with the SOS group. See links section under “Eco-friendly ideas , places and items for sale”

Blogging is great. A way to meet new people and visit places you just cannot get to. I visited Sartenada’s  photo blog. She has pictures of a real Rock Church. Beautiful pictures, you must check them out. The church is just fabulous. I will add a link to her blog under the category “church” on my blog. Please go to her site and check out not just the church pictures but her whole blog. Thanks Sartenada, beautifully done.

Here also is a link.  please leave her a comment after you visit.

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 Sunday morning we had to go, check out time. On the way home we went to “The Rock Church”. It was recommended to us by someone   one of our group met in Orlando. The Rock Church is next to a place that rents out helicopter rides by the half hour. so out front is a big red helicopter. The  head Pastor Lydia had an awesome service on repentance. The church itself is called “the Arena” because it is actually a small arena or coliseum. similar to the st. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, only smaller. The  entire building is huge, many functions going on for their parishioners. It does have a lot of stairs though. The service was one that we all received from. I highly recommend a visit to this church if you are in the area. See the links section for a link to it.

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 Saturday was kind of do your own thing day at the condo.  It was raining most of the day. A few of the ladies had a hotel room because the condo only slept six and there was eight of us. so a few went and visited the others at their hotel. Some had a girly-girl day, myself I went down to the business center and checked my emails and played some Farmville on Facebook. At four o’clock we got together to go to the resorts movie theater on premises. They actually had a small movie theater. It got very crowded in there. We brought our own pizza, popcorn, waters, snacks and a blanket. It was getting cold in there. We saw the Matt Damon movie “We bought a Zoo”. I even embarrassed myself during the movie. There was a scene where the leading lady turns and says to Matt Damon, “I have a crush on you”. Silly me, blurts out, “and so do I. Not realizing how loud it came out until the entire room cracked up laughing. Oh well, I’m honest anyway.

After the movie we went upstairs, carrying the rest of our junk food. They had me go in first, when I opened the door, there was Pastor Estell. She had feigned being sick so she could decorate the room for my surprise party. And I surely was surprised. Started crying like a little baby. They got me a mickey shirt, a memory book that they signed, and even made me a giant cookie. Of course I don’t have any pictures of me crying someone else took those pictures. thank goodness. Thank you ladies for thinking of me. I really appreciate it and all of you too.

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Friday night some of us went to Old Town in Kissimmee, it’s a fun place to go with no entry costs and they have antique shops, candy, leather goods, odd stores,and  what not stores. It’s part shopping, amusement park, car shows, outdoor fun type of place. It’s only a few blocks long. We must have gone into most of the little shops, except for the bars and horror shop, ugh. We saw a car show, went and did a “Bopping Heads ” video. That was hilarious fun. For only $6.00 per person, up to three person per video, you can sing along with cartoon characters that are dancing on screen. You sit in front of a green screen with a green drape on and try to keep up with the tv screen in front of you. We just laughed and laughed. We each have a memento to take home and watch on our tv’s. And laugh some more. So if you want to have some inexpensive outdoor fun check out Old Town. See the link section for a link to it.

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 Friday morning Carol and I went to The Holy Land  Experience in Orlando. It was a beautiful day but it did cloud up and rain a little later on in the day. There were so many things to see and enjoy.  They have indoor/outdoor live action theater,  and many places to sit, rest and enjoy the sights. The gift shop is immense with fair prices and a huge model of the original Holy Land. If you time it right they have a tour guide that describes life at the time of Jesus. All the employees were dressed in period costumes and very polite and friendly. The bookstore had a “monk room” with  a monks cot, rope bell, bibles etc. They even had an area set up to do a  free ” crayon rubbing” of a plaque. One of the best things we did there was Communion with Christ. It only lasted fifteen minutes but it was a great live action event that the customers participated in. Hopefully in the very near future I can go back again to this place and see the things I missed. You wouldn’t think I missed anything by all the pictures I took there. It was a laid back relaxing, nice, clean and wholesome thing to do. I would definitely go back given the opportunity.Check out the links section of my blog for the link to this wonderful place. There’s a lot of information on the site so read it all for discounts, times, prices etc. Ask around for discount coupons.  The address is 4655 Vineland Road, Orlando, FL 32811

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On Thursday afternoon some of the SOS ladies and I went on a little  retreat/vacation/refreshing journey to Orlando,  Florida. Since we had all been previously over the years  to all the regular main attractions like Disney, Seaworld, Epcot, Universal Studies, etc  it was not about going to those places. I was planning on going to The Holyland Experience in Kissimmee  tomorrow with my friend Carol.  We all were just being laid back about scheduling anything since we’re all so very busy normally. The condo was acquired through Kim, (thank you Kim!). We all chipped in a modest amount then went to the grocery store. We did eat out once at Ponderosa. Not bad, it had a salad bar buffet deal going on for a not too bad price.We also had wanted to go to OldTown again like we did last year. These pictures are the very beginning of our adventure. I will post again what we did on Friday and add those pictures to the posting.I must add that in one of the pictures you will notice a blow up mattress on the porch. Thank God Diana remembered to bring  it because the pull out sofa had a very thin mattress. I was really surprised at that since the resort was so upscale. I’m going to have to get me one like hers. It was elevated up off the floor.

After going to Calvary Chapel Worship Center for Sunday  morning volunteer greeting and  church service my friend Sherry and I went out to breakfast. It was a small restaurant,  an older building in a small center with 2 other stores. Across from Sweet Bay Supermarket on Massachusetts in New Port Richey was “Lynne’s Place”. It was a busy little place with several older patrons in attendance. The restaurant was not fancy at all but the service was great, prices reasonable and the staff very cordial. When we were finished with our meal, the waitress came over and in a friendly tone asked “did you ladies go to church today?” We answered “yes we did”. She replied good because we give TEN PERCENT OFF for going to church. Awesome! So I am telling everyone about Lynne’s Place, 6403 Massachusetts Avenue, New Port Richey, Fl, 727- 815-3333. It’s just west of the Congress intersection. 

Does anyone know of any other places that give churchgoers a discount? Let me know, I  will  spread the word.

While in class tonight…

On Monday nights I attend two classes. While in the class I spoke with a friend of mine, Jay. He has a website named , where him and his wife sell Christian clothing. They had a space next to us when we were at the first Tarpon Springs Craft Fair. The one that I mentioned previously that  I did not take any pictures at. Well, they have a really nice line of Christian items you might want to check out. We actually bought a tee shirt from each other.

I bought one of his ” Savior life”shirts and he bought one of mine for his wife. They have other items besides tee shirts so please take a look and leave a comment if you like.  I also have a link for them in my links section.

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