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The SOS group is having a  women’s  Tea Party to celebrate YOU. Unveiling the beauty within.

We are asking people to bring their own teacup if you own one.

May 19, 2012

Time: 11am – 1 pm

Location:   Daily Transformation

74250 Orchid Lake Drive

New Port Richey, Florida, 34653

Only 50 seats available so make your reservations now. They fill up quickly.

R.S.V.P : 727 – 376 – 7733 ext 169   or email:

Free giveaways and Door Prizes

Sorry, no child care provided

Church Service was terrific this morning. Pastor Strayer spoke of how we are the church and to help others when needed, reach out to others. That we should be attending the church God calls us to and the service we are called to attend. To listen to the Voice of the Lord, He will lead you. We must also STAND on the WORD of Truth, the WORD OF GOD. No matter what’s going on, good or bad, we must praise HIM. Not to compromise. If we ask in prayer for healing, jobs, homes, whatever it may be we must BELIEVE that GOD will bring it to us. To absolutely believe , have the faith and trust in Him to bring it forth. It will be in His time, not ours, but it will happen. The road we might have to take along the way might not be of our choosing but it will be God’s way, not ours. I know for me I had wanted it done now, as only I knew how to do it. I was not trusting or Standing on the Word. It can be difficult giving yourself over entirely to Him. Iwas set in my ways. Not so much anymore, my prayers were being answered. Not the way I expected things to go but I recognize His hand in my life.

The messages I heard this morning sounded like they were just for me. I know others probably thought the same way. On the way to church this morning I was contemplating not volunteering for first service like I usually do. Because I’m always running late. When I thought about going to second or third service  instead of the first service I  realized how hard it was to get people to volunteer at all, nonetheless the early service.Then while in service Pastor was speaking about being called. I felt convicted and realized I was supposed to be there early, volunteering. Stepping up for the Lord, being reminded that the Holy Spirit was always with me, wherever and whatever I was doing and to act accordingly. I was called to this church, this service, the classes I take, and the SOS womens group I belong to. 

I was called and I am answering the call as best as I know how. I’m listening much better now.




A Jewish Prayer

I had a friend ask me today why I had gone to a Jewish ceremony on Easter eve. I reminded her that I was still part Jewish even though I am a Christian. My father is Jewish. Every so often I am drawn to Jewish things.  Not all of them but some. I do love a lot of their foods, especially a good bagel. One with cream cheese and lox is like  receiving  a gift for my palate. Yum! I also like going to temple once in awhile. I don’t like to limit my learning. I found this poem awhile ago and had it on Facebook. I love it. It’s so appropriate for me now. Maybe it’s good for you too. It makes a lot of sense. Wish I would have thought of it.

I asked for strength and God gave difficulties to make me strong.

I asked for wisdom and God gave me problems to solve.

I asked for prosperity and God gave me brawn and brain to work.

I asked for courage and God gave me dangers to overcome

I asked for love and and God gave me troubled people to help.

I asked for favors and God gave me opportunities.

I received nothing I wanted,

I received everything I needed.

My prayers were answered.

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 This was one of our earlier setups at a craft fair. This one was on our church grounds, there were several vendors there. Lots of stuff going on, food, crafts, merchandise for sale. It was a beautiful day.  I love the idea that my church, Calvary Chapel does so many things for the community and its members. It amazes me the extend of things they have to offer besides classes,  food pantry, art programs, so many things you would have to see for yourself what interests you. The links are listed to the side and bottom of the blog if you want to check them out.

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 This is actually the second Tarpon Springs Craft we were set up at.The previous one in February I had forgotten my camera. These pictures are similar to what the others would look like. This time there were less visitors. But there were many other events going in Tarpon Springs at the time. It’s a happening little city.  

We had several people stop by and ask about Diana’s bags. They saw the article in the St. Petersburg times and were so complimentary. Unfortunately Diana was not there that day, she was not feeling well, Pastor Estell and I were there helping here out. It was a beautiful day to be outside.

As you can see by one of the photos I was also selling my tee shirts there for SOS. Both Diana and I help sow in the SOS ministry. If you want to know  more about SOS , Bags by Diana , my tee shirts , or The City of Tarpon Springs, see side links.

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  Every once in a while I go over to Beth El Shalom in New Port Richey. I like Rabbi Jeff and his wife Barbara.  The congregation is friendly and the service is easy to understand and participate in. I love the music. Rabbi Jeff had sent out a postcard invite and about 100 people attended. Myself and my friend Lori  were also there enjoying ourselves .    Rabbi Jeff was informative and also humorous in his telling of the Passover Story and the meaning of the Passover Seder. While there I met a friend of mine, Theresa. It was a good time for all of us . I arrived early with several others to help set up for the meal. It was a great experience to be there, thank you Rabbi Jeff and Barbara for hosting this special occasion.

 PS: The horseradish was terrific, nice and hearty .



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Pastor Estell had her  prayer meeting  at Tina’s home in Springhill, on December 3, 2011. What a beautiful place it is. Gods country for sure. We had Praise and and worship, singing, flag/dance ministry, a food tent, beautiful weather a nice turnout of people. It was a wonderful day, that lasted into the night. Relaxed, laid back a family event. Everyone brought food and drink, lawn chairs or blankets. It was nice and old fashioned not pretentious More of these prayer meetings are being planned for the near future. It’s a “Works in Progress”. Some of the pictures posted here show the Hearts on Fire dance/flag ministry of Lori Magdalen  with her group. They were terrific.  Just so inspired  and graceful. A nice added touch to the Praise and Worship. Lori has a Facebook page for her ministry be sure to look her up. There is a link in my link section of the blog if you wish to contact her.  I look forward to our next prayer meeting.

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  We had heard about this Spirit filled place from several other people. So, some of us took a trip there. It was  quite an experience to be there. The Holy Spirit was there, His sweet smell was everywhere in this awesome room. There were footies to be placed on your feet prior to entering, no talking, outside music of any kind. Quiet prayer and meditation. Prayer closets to both sides. The Rock pillar/alter was magnificent. Actually the entire place was magnificent. Very inspirational and soothing, comfort food for your soul. I have been back there several times since then. To get refilled as needed. I would live to find more of these places.

Has anyone else been to places such as this?  Please share your experiences and the address and pictures if at all possible.

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These pictures are from February 27, 2011 when I was Water Baptised by Pastor Bill Strayer.  He’s standing to the side, not visible in these shots. I found that  after I accepted Jesus Christ aas my Lord and Savior I also needed to be water baptised as another step closer to Him.


S.O.S. (Shedding Our Silence) – Warrior Brides

A Christ centered restoration women’s group.

Warrior Brides:  Are a group of women who are survivors.  These strong women want to be free from their past of such things as sexual abuse, physical abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, codependency, trust and other relating subjects.

How does this work?  First of all, we are Christ centered.  Secondly, we learn how to set healthy boundaries by unveiling the beauty within.

We meet weekly in the New Port Richey, Florida area.

To send an email:

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