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 What a great day for a cup of tea! As a surprise early birthday present I treated Pastor Estell to Mrs Teas Tea Room in Lutz Florida  ( . A nice little place that just does “Tea Parties” and “Afternoon Tea”. A nice girly girl place, relaxing, awesome service, wonderful tea and terrific tasting foods. Each table has an eclectic table setting, very nicely done. A soup or broccoli salad are offered and after that a  three tiered  plate stand is brought to the table along with colorful teapots on candle  stand warmers. The cookies, tarts, crumpets soup ( we had potato soup) was freshly made and delightful to the taste buds. The plate stand had equal amounts of food for Pastor Estell and myself.

It was nice, friendly, relaxing, just a great way to spend a couple of hours. I highly recommend going there. See the link for their website in my link section While you  are there stop by their  little sales area and check out the teapots and items for sale. very reasonably priced.

All I can say is ENJOY.Get your friends and family together and check it out. Reservations are recommended, see website for details.

What a surprise! April 21, 2012

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 Saturday was kind of do your own thing day at the condo.  It was raining most of the day. A few of the ladies had a hotel room because the condo only slept six and there was eight of us. so a few went and visited the others at their hotel. Some had a girly-girl day, myself I went down to the business center and checked my emails and played some Farmville on Facebook. At four o’clock we got together to go to the resorts movie theater on premises. They actually had a small movie theater. It got very crowded in there. We brought our own pizza, popcorn, waters, snacks and a blanket. It was getting cold in there. We saw the Matt Damon movie “We bought a Zoo”. I even embarrassed myself during the movie. There was a scene where the leading lady turns and says to Matt Damon, “I have a crush on you”. Silly me, blurts out, “and so do I. Not realizing how loud it came out until the entire room cracked up laughing. Oh well, I’m honest anyway.

After the movie we went upstairs, carrying the rest of our junk food. They had me go in first, when I opened the door, there was Pastor Estell. She had feigned being sick so she could decorate the room for my surprise party. And I surely was surprised. Started crying like a little baby. They got me a mickey shirt, a memory book that they signed, and even made me a giant cookie. Of course I don’t have any pictures of me crying someone else took those pictures. thank goodness. Thank you ladies for thinking of me. I really appreciate it and all of you too.

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On Thursday afternoon some of the SOS ladies and I went on a little  retreat/vacation/refreshing journey to Orlando,  Florida. Since we had all been previously over the years  to all the regular main attractions like Disney, Seaworld, Epcot, Universal Studies, etc  it was not about going to those places. I was planning on going to The Holyland Experience in Kissimmee  tomorrow with my friend Carol.  We all were just being laid back about scheduling anything since we’re all so very busy normally. The condo was acquired through Kim, (thank you Kim!). We all chipped in a modest amount then went to the grocery store. We did eat out once at Ponderosa. Not bad, it had a salad bar buffet deal going on for a not too bad price.We also had wanted to go to OldTown again like we did last year. These pictures are the very beginning of our adventure. I will post again what we did on Friday and add those pictures to the posting.I must add that in one of the pictures you will notice a blow up mattress on the porch. Thank God Diana remembered to bring  it because the pull out sofa had a very thin mattress. I was really surprised at that since the resort was so upscale. I’m going to have to get me one like hers. It was elevated up off the floor.

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