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Friday night some of us went to Old Town in Kissimmee, it’s a fun place to go with no entry costs and they have antique shops, candy, leather goods, odd stores,and  what not stores. It’s part shopping, amusement park, car shows, outdoor fun type of place. It’s only a few blocks long. We must have gone into most of the little shops, except for the bars and horror shop, ugh. We saw a car show, went and did a “Bopping Heads ” video. That was hilarious fun. For only $6.00 per person, up to three person per video, you can sing along with cartoon characters that are dancing on screen. You sit in front of a green screen with a green drape on and try to keep up with the tv screen in front of you. We just laughed and laughed. We each have a memento to take home and watch on our tv’s. And laugh some more. So if you want to have some inexpensive outdoor fun check out Old Town. See the link section for a link to it.