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 Saturday was kind of do your own thing day at the condo.  It was raining most of the day. A few of the ladies had a hotel room because the condo only slept six and there was eight of us. so a few went and visited the others at their hotel. Some had a girly-girl day, myself I went down to the business center and checked my emails and played some Farmville on Facebook. At four o’clock we got together to go to the resorts movie theater on premises. They actually had a small movie theater. It got very crowded in there. We brought our own pizza, popcorn, waters, snacks and a blanket. It was getting cold in there. We saw the Matt Damon movie “We bought a Zoo”. I even embarrassed myself during the movie. There was a scene where the leading lady turns and says to Matt Damon, “I have a crush on you”. Silly me, blurts out, “and so do I. Not realizing how loud it came out until the entire room cracked up laughing. Oh well, I’m honest anyway.

After the movie we went upstairs, carrying the rest of our junk food. They had me go in first, when I opened the door, there was Pastor Estell. She had feigned being sick so she could decorate the room for my surprise party. And I surely was surprised. Started crying like a little baby. They got me a mickey shirt, a memory book that they signed, and even made me a giant cookie. Of course I don’t have any pictures of me crying someone else took those pictures. thank goodness. Thank you ladies for thinking of me. I really appreciate it and all of you too.