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While in class tonight…

On Monday nights I attend two classes. While in the class I spoke with a friend of mine, Jay. He has a website named , where him and his wife sell Christian clothing. They had a space next to us when we were at the first Tarpon Springs Craft Fair. The one that I mentioned previously that  I did not take any pictures at. Well, they have a really nice line of Christian items you might want to check out. We actually bought a tee shirt from each other.

I bought one of his ” Savior life”shirts and he bought one of mine for his wife. They have other items besides tee shirts so please take a look and leave a comment if you like.  I also have a link for them in my links section.

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 This is actually the second Tarpon Springs Craft we were set up at.The previous one in February I had forgotten my camera. These pictures are similar to what the others would look like. This time there were less visitors. But there were many other events going in Tarpon Springs at the time. It’s a happening little city.  

We had several people stop by and ask about Diana’s bags. They saw the article in the St. Petersburg times and were so complimentary. Unfortunately Diana was not there that day, she was not feeling well, Pastor Estell and I were there helping here out. It was a beautiful day to be outside.

As you can see by one of the photos I was also selling my tee shirts there for SOS. Both Diana and I help sow in the SOS ministry. If you want to know  more about SOS , Bags by Diana , my tee shirts , or The City of Tarpon Springs, see side links.

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