After going to Calvary Chapel Worship Center for Sunday  morning volunteer greeting and  church service my friend Sherry and I went out to breakfast. It was a small restaurant,  an older building in a small center with 2 other stores. Across from Sweet Bay Supermarket on Massachusetts in New Port Richey was “Lynne’s Place”. It was a busy little place with several older patrons in attendance. The restaurant was not fancy at all but the service was great, prices reasonable and the staff very cordial. When we were finished with our meal, the waitress came over and in a friendly tone asked “did you ladies go to church today?” We answered “yes we did”. She replied good because we give TEN PERCENT OFF for going to church. Awesome! So I am telling everyone about Lynne’s Place, 6403 Massachusetts Avenue, New Port Richey, Fl, 727- 815-3333. It’s just west of the Congress intersection. 

Does anyone know of any other places that give churchgoers a discount? Let me know, I  will  spread the word.