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 Friday morning Carol and I went to The Holy Land  Experience in Orlando. It was a beautiful day but it did cloud up and rain a little later on in the day. There were so many things to see and enjoy.  They have indoor/outdoor live action theater,  and many places to sit, rest and enjoy the sights. The gift shop is immense with fair prices and a huge model of the original Holy Land. If you time it right they have a tour guide that describes life at the time of Jesus. All the employees were dressed in period costumes and very polite and friendly. The bookstore had a “monk room” with  a monks cot, rope bell, bibles etc. They even had an area set up to do a  free ” crayon rubbing” of a plaque. One of the best things we did there was Communion with Christ. It only lasted fifteen minutes but it was a great live action event that the customers participated in. Hopefully in the very near future I can go back again to this place and see the things I missed. You wouldn’t think I missed anything by all the pictures I took there. It was a laid back relaxing, nice, clean and wholesome thing to do. I would definitely go back given the opportunity.Check out the links section of my blog for the link to this wonderful place. There’s a lot of information on the site so read it all for discounts, times, prices etc. Ask around for discount coupons.  The address is 4655 Vineland Road, Orlando, FL 32811