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Tonight I stopped by to watch a little bit of softball at the field on Little Rd, New Port Richey. I didn’t take any pictures because of the chain link fencing in front of us, maybe next time. Calvary Chapel teams were playing against each other. It was pretty easy to cheer for the right team, just say “Go Calvary Chapel!” A win- win situation, a nice little family outing. Normal healthy stuff, comfortable clothes, no drinking, cursing, etc.

While I was there I met other people from church and made a new friend. Reverend Vera, was actually in a previous post of  The Network Ministries on this past Monday night. She and Pastor Estell were at the front desk registering the participants for the event. They are  the two smiling woman in the very first picture in the slideshow. Rev. Vera informed me that she also has a ministry,  It’s called “Tiny Rose Bushes Healing Ministry”. The Facebook link is https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tiny-Rose-Bushes-Healing-Ministry/231900153500191 So please check her page out on Facebook.com.Please “like” her page and send her a message if you want to.

It’s really nice to see this blog just grow and go in His name. Reaching out and linking to others is awesome. It makes the world a smaller place, a friendlier place with more and more people of God joining together in His name.

Thank you, Jesus.

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 Sunday morning we had to go, check out time. On the way home we went to “The Rock Church”. It was recommended to us by someone   one of our group met in Orlando. The Rock Church is next to a place that rents out helicopter rides by the half hour. so out front is a big red helicopter. The  head Pastor Lydia had an awesome service on repentance. The church itself is called “the Arena” because it is actually a small arena or coliseum. similar to the st. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, only smaller. The  entire building is huge, many functions going on for their parishioners. It does have a lot of stairs though. The service was one that we all received from. I highly recommend a visit to this church if you are in the area. See the links section for a link to it.

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