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Today was such a wonderful day, we had our Tea Party. S.O.S ( Shedding Our Silence) womens group and Daily Transformation Church in New Port Richey, gathered together to teach and socialize on “The Beauty Within”. Pastor Estell  taught on the comparisons between our growth in Christ and the growth and release of a caterpillar from larvae, cocoon and finally a  butterfly of many  beautiful colors. We had good teaching,  Praise and Worship, music, fellowship with many sisters in Christ. The group effort in setting up the night before and the final arrangements prior to the Tea are depicted in the many pictures. It’s so nice when everyone can work together for a common goal. The Tea was a big success thanks to all who assisted, participated and collaborated. The table settings were nicely done with just the right feminine touch. The was a large variety of teas to choose from and a drawing for lovely baskets.

A big thank you to Pastor Freddy, Todd, Marisol, and the parishioners  from the Daily Transformation Church (see their Facebook  link in link section). Thanks also to all the lovely ladies that came to our Tea Party.

I hope we get to see you at our meetings on Wednesdays at Pastor Estells’ home from 7pm – 9pm. We also have a few more functions coming up, that you might be interested in being a part of.

After all being a good servant is one of the things Jesus wants of us. We need to be more obedient and not disobedient to the Lord. If you don’t already serve somewhere please consider doing so. We need to be part of the bigger picture and serving the Lord is certainly a good way to do just that.