Welcome to my blog. This is all new to me. Just another step towards where He is leading me. I have come a long way since I first became a born again Christian. I was always on a “quest” for more of God. Not happy being in typical churches all about the business of the religion and not about the Jesus or the Bible.. Everything else but that. I always prayed  to God for help and direction, and answers also. Sometimes the answers come in such a way that it can be quite traumatic and life changing.  I guess that’s what what needed in my circumstances to get my full attention.

I had gotten hurt at work, went through everything required to get me back to work. Eventually was laid off from my job. It was devastating enough getting hurt, it was a catastrophe losing my job. I was a workaholic. I was a good citizen, took care of my credit cards, house, yard, pets, everything. Unemployment, social agencies, loss of familiar contacts, and the realization that I was going to lose everything I owned hit me very hard. This was going to be a long difficult fearful process for me. Always independent, strong, resilient, and a never give in attitude. I thought I could manage all of that and just get back on my feet. Well, it is happening but not the way I had ever imagined.

When the a/c in my truck broke down again, it was just so overwhelming for me  to manage. Having already replaced it at a cost of $2600. just a few years ago I knew I was done for. Living in Florida, it’s a necessity especially if one is not born here. Then, just when I thought all was lost  I received a telephone call from a friend at work. I thought everyone had forgotten me. I was encouaged to bring my truck to their house and her husband would fix it for me free of charge. I was stunned “wow, you would do  that for me”? Yes, he did. Well I was visiting with her, we were talking about my discontent with my church. She invited me to her church and I went. At the time I was going to different places of worship to find my niche. As soon as I walked into the church and heard the Pastor speak, I knew that’s where I wanted to be, Calvary Chapel Worship Center in New Port Richey. It’s an awesome church. They have many things going on for parishoners and  the community.

He spoke of living a life like Jesus, in  the Bible. The Good Life. Of course it would not be all as easy as said as is done. I knew I had a lifetime of  abuse, bad behaviors, habits,pain, personal demons and discouragements to deal with. After going there a few times and looking around, I knew I wanted more. I wanted to do more, help more and get more Jesus. I began by volunteering. I started taking some classes. I wanted to know more about the book called The Bible. I thought, “I tried every other lifestyle, I’m going to try this one”.  It was always about getting things in the world, a car, a house, things. Never about getting into Heaven. I made many mistakes and most of them where out of ignorance. I am working my way through my misbegotten ways and making amends wherever I go.

I was not a bad person, I always helped people. Yes, I made mistakes, I lived  through the 1960’s without too much garbage. But I had garbage nonetheless. Whether it was of my own doing or generational, sin is sin. I must not sin. Not if I want to get into Heaven, I must also forgive, above all that’s the biggest thing, to forgive. I am a work in progress.  Prayer and my new found classes led me yet to another place.

I joined a womans group called SOS, Shedding Our Silence. It helps women that have dealt with abuse, neglect, and troubles bring out the “beauty within”. Lots of personal growth. It is led by Pastor Estell, an awesome woman of God. She teaches and leads us as directed by God and the Bible. We have done several things outside of our group also. we reach out to others in the community. This past winter we did a blanket/sweater drive for the local homeless. When I am able to post the pictures I will. I am still setting up this blog so please bear with me.

Presently I am selling tee shirts that I myself was inspired to do. It was an Holy Spirit moment for me, hearing a small voice inside me that kept saying. “look around, they are not about Me, remind them, show them”. So I made simple black tee shirts that say, “It’s not about me, it’s about Him”.

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