Church Service was terrific this morning. Pastor Strayer spoke of how we are the church and to help others when needed, reach out to others. That we should be attending the church God calls us to and the service we are called to attend. To listen to the Voice of the Lord, He will lead you. We must also STAND on the WORD of Truth, the WORD OF GOD. No matter what’s going on, good or bad, we must praise HIM. Not to compromise. If we ask in prayer for healing, jobs, homes, whatever it may be we must BELIEVE that GOD will bring it to us. To absolutely believe , have the faith and trust in Him to bring it forth. It will be in His time, not ours, but it will happen. The road we might have to take along the way might not be of our choosing but it will be God’s way, not ours. I know for me I had wanted it done now, as only I knew how to do it. I was not trusting or Standing on the Word. It can be difficult giving yourself over entirely to Him. Iwas set in my ways. Not so much anymore, my prayers were being answered. Not the way I expected things to go but I recognize His hand in my life.

The messages I heard this morning sounded like they were just for me. I know others probably thought the same way. On the way to church this morning I was contemplating not volunteering for first service like I usually do. Because I’m always running late. When I thought about going to second or third service  instead of the first service I  realized how hard it was to get people to volunteer at all, nonetheless the early service.Then while in service Pastor was speaking about being called. I felt convicted and realized I was supposed to be there early, volunteering. Stepping up for the Lord, being reminded that the Holy Spirit was always with me, wherever and whatever I was doing and to act accordingly. I was called to this church, this service, the classes I take, and the SOS womens group I belong to. 

I was called and I am answering the call as best as I know how. I’m listening much better now.