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Friend,I have battled multiple sclerosis for over thirty years. About four years ago, I realized I was going to end up in an assisted living within about two years. I could no longer go from one end of the house to the other without sitting and resting. If I walked down to the mailbox (maybe fifty feet total), I had to come back inside and take a nap. After I got a pan out of a lower kitchen cupboard, I had to crawl across the floor to pull myself up with the edge of the sink. By then, I was too tired to cook.

Exacerbations slammed me four times a year, even though I was on Avonex. Each one left me in worse condition . . . and I was no longer recovering from them. The once weekly Avonex injection made me feel like I had flu six days a week. I walked into walls and fell at least twice a week . . . and I couldn’t think well past about 2:00 in the afternoon. I was so ill, I rarely left the house. I knew I was in trouble—BIG TIME.

In desperation, I handicapped the house, raising the floor in the sunken family room, putting safety rails and “comfort height” toilets in the bathrooms, and “pan drawers” in the kitchen. I simplified things as much as I could, doing my best to conserve what little energy I had.

Then Mom heard some information from Julian Whitaker, MD, of the Whitaker Wellness Institute about the use of hyperbaric oxygen for MS. I found a facility and underwent about 30 treatments, which stabilized me for the first time in years.

A few months later, Dr. Whitaker talked about using Low Dose Naltrexone for MS. Naltrexone is used at full dose (50 mg.) for opiate addiction and alcoholism. At a lower dose, it “balances” the immune system . . . and can be used in this way for autoimmune diseases, cancers, and AIDS. However, MOST doctors will not prescribe it.

This week, I release a new book.Fighting the Dragon: How I Beat Multiple Sclerosis details my journey from a nightmare to a far more “normal” life. I provide my history, which highlights some potential triggers MS readers might recognize. I tell how to find the “right kind” of hyperbaric facilities (“hyperbaric bags” DO NOT WORK – and I explain WHY), how to find doctors who will prescribe low dose naltrexone, and how to get this prescription medication (even how to “mix” your own). I explain dosage . . . in enough detail a patient can take it to his/her doctor . . . and calculate the correct dosage for adults, children, or even pets.

Today I cook, garden, and even walk around the neighborhood. I still have other health issues which slow me down – fibromyalgia, narcolepsy (sleep attacks), and cataplexy (momentary paralysis or collapse with strong emotion), but have learned to live around them—pacing myself, taking frequent breaks, and napping when my body demands it.  

However, I have not had any permanent MS deterioration since starting the hyperbaric oxygen. And once I started LDN, the exacerbations stopped. I quit taking Copaxone (another of the “approved” MS drugs) over a year ago after I experienced the side effects of crushing chest, jaw, and shoulder pain. Now I am “flying” on Low Dose Naltrexone alone . . . knowing that I have a hyperbaric oxygen “backup plan” if the “Dragon” ever decides again to raise its ugly little head.  

FLYING? It has taken a while to untangle the emotional impact of living for so many years with such a volatile chronic condition. However, I can say today that I NO LONGER live in FEAR . . . and after thirty years of terror, the feeling is AMAZING!


“This is a remarkable book—well-written with solid research and a very inspiring story.”

—Julian Whitaker, MD, Whitaker Wellness Institute


“Good read, to the point and no propaganda.”

—Skip Lenz, PharmD, Skip’s Pharmacy


“We applaud you on your bravery and perseverance. Not only have you gone outside the box, you share your journey with so many others that may feel alone and desperate until now. The use of Hyperbaric medicine in the treatment of neurologic conditions is still an untapped resource in our arsenal against MS, ALS, Alzheimer’s, Stroke recovery, Autism and many more.”

—Staff, Neubauer Hyperbaric Neurologic Center


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