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 This past weekend in Florida we were visited by Tropical Storm Debby. It was a very slow moving storm. It started out at three miles and hour and worked it’s way up to a whopping five miles an hour when it came upon my county, Pasco County. I live in New Port Richey. To say we were inundated with water was understating it. It was a constant deluge, a sheet of water falling continually from the sky. I remembered that God promised not to give us another flood like in Noah’s time but geez it was sort of looking that way.There was some thunder and lightening but not much over by me, thank God. It was scary enough with all the water and wind. Let’s not forget the tornado’s and water spouts that were generated by the storm . Just about everywhere you looked there was standing water, deep large ponds of water. people drove through that just to get home or wherever they were going.

My friend and I went to Regal Cinema on Sunday after church and lunch. Sure it was raining, it was a great day for a movie. After the movie let out, going to the parking lot I was wading in knee deep water just to get to my pickup truck. Even though I have been hoping and praying to get an SUV or minivan I sure was glad I had a truck. The water reached the bottom of my engine,definitely time to get out of there. Driving south on US19 was surreal. Shopping centers everywhere flooded, cars underwater, devastation of property was evident. Closer to my home the ponding was wherever I looked. these pictures are not far from my home in New Port Richey. 

I am so very thankful that my home is safe and dry, no tree damage, wind or water damage. I am safe and so are my pets. I have a friend that was not so lucky. Her home flooded with about one foot of water and the house across the street from her and the house directly behind her were hit by a tornado. So in a sense I guess she’s luckier than they are. Yesterday she and her husband  spent the day tearing out their rugs and tossing out all their furniture, bagging up the kids clothes and bedding to take it to get laundered. Her children had to stay with friends because it was so bad at her house and in  her neighborhood also.

I am so Blessed Lord. I have been calling her to see what I can do to help them. I know there must be something I can help them with. I will continue to see if I can bless them since I have been blessed. Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to work? Thank you Jesus for all you have done for me and all you still do for me.