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  Today is Mother’s Day. A day in which we honor our mothers. A special day for all mothers too. It’s kind of like having or getting validation for a job well done. The atmosphere at church this morning was a bit exciting. Every year the Missions Department takes free pictures of Mom’s and posts them in an album in the church website. All a person has  to do is get the picture from the church album and email it to their families. It’s all for a donation to the Missions department. The do all sorts of fund raising to send people that are called by God out into the Missions field. So if you have the calling, get in touch with them through the website http://www.ccwc.org or on Facebook, under the Calvary Chapel Worship Center in New Port Richey, Florida. See the link section of my blog.

I volunteer for the first service and Pastor Gail spoke. She had some powerful messages to tell us.. If you’re interested see 1John:1-3 in your Bible, as an example.  The message was about walking the talk, not just talking the walk. Jesus wants us to be as He is. To live as He did. He loves so much, He intercedes for us with the Father. I always wonder if I’m doing enough to please Him. I can probably do more. I want to please Him, I need to start by getting right with myself. A better attitude and outlook. God’s message really hit home with me today.

Our head pastor is Pastor Bill Strayer . He has a way of preaching and teaching that really touches you. Today I had multiple Holy Spirit goosebumps. It’s a good thing, a God thing. I feel blessed to have been led to this church to receive teachings and lessons I needed to learn. I also had to make myself available to be there to learn  them. Volunteering, taking classes and joining small groups is so important. Reaching out works both ways. I reach for Him, He reaches for me. Thank you Jesus, I needed that.

After church I went home changed my attitude, and my clothes went to get a well deserved pedicure, bought myself some flowers, and treats, took myself out for my favorite lunch, and then went to see an action movie. I felt wonderful when I returned home. I felt like I was kicking dirt on the devil. Oh that felt good. Thanks Lord for such a wonderful day.

Has anyone else done something to change their attitude in a positive way? Let me know, comment on my blog. Let’s get something started.

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What a blessing to be at this event tonight. From what I understand it’s an annual event where people that are called to serve God are Commissioned and Ordained into the Ministry. Wow, the Anointing of the Holy Spirit was surely there tonight. Praise and Worship prior to the formality of the service was just incredible. Really moving, brought tears to my eyes. Powerful stuff. The speakers Pastor Gail, Pastor Marcus, Pastor Estell and Pastor Johann also had an awesome message to relay. You just had to be there to see what I mean and feel it for yourself. Afterwards there was  a meet and greet upstairs with food and beverages. Nicely done. Thanks Lori for asking me to go. Thanks Tina for reaffirming that I needed to be there with you also.

It was so moving to see the blessings and prayers bestowed upon the new people that were commissioned and ordained by the seasoned pastors and ministers. The kindnesses and gentle touch was such a nice thing to be witness too. Thanks Jesus for making sure I did not miss seeing this special event. So if you are called to serve the Lord, stop by our church, Calvary Chapel Worship Center, on Troublecreek, in New Port Richey, Florida and tell them you are inspired and required by the Lord to be there. They will tell you what classes you need to do after that.

Remember it’s all about HIM.

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